boekomslag Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter - Sunstorm

The observatory on the moon has the proof. Life on earth will be incinerated in April 2037 by a massive solar flare. It is building down and it is unstoppable. With only 18 months until doomsday mankind must unite and embark on the most ambitious engineering project ever: the construction, at the La Grange point between the sun and the earth, of a deflecting mirror the diameter of our home planet. The price of failure? Extinction. One scientist, an expert on the sun, predicted the flare. One person who knew nothing about the sun nevertheless knew the exact date that life on earth would come to an end. She had witnessed the bizarre time dislocations brought by the ‘eyes’. She knows who is responsible.

Schrijver: Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter
Titel: Sunstorm
Serie: Time Odyssee 2
Eerste uitgave: Gollancz (GB), 2005
Bladzijden: 252
Genre: science fiction
Leeftijd: 18+
Status: gelezen in 2010
Mening: geen sterren

  • ik heb dit boek in 2009 gekregen
    • ik heb dit boek niet meer in bezit
  • ik las dit boek in 2010 en het was boek 23 van de boeken die ik in 2010 gelezen heb

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