boekomslag Terry Goodkind - The first confessor

The world is descending, inexorably, towards war. So why has First Wizard Baraccus, leader of the New World, lover of life, thrown himself from the walls of the Wizard’s Keep, falling thousands of feet to his death? His wife, Magda Searus, cannot understand why her husband would abandon her and his people at such a profoundly dangerous time. And then she finds a note left by Baraccus, urging her to seek the truth. What she uncovers, no one is willing to believe. The coming war is going far worse than anyone had anticipated, and the consequences of defeat will be far more terrifying than they could have imagined. Alone, ungifted, it is up to Magda Searus to make history and change the future.

Schrijver: Terry Goodkind
Titel: The First Confessor
Serie: Sword of Truth
Uitgeverij: Head of Zeus (GB)
Jaartal: 2016
Bladzijden: 608
Genre: sprookjes & fantasy
Leeftijd: 18+
Mijn mening: 4 sterren

  • ik heb dit boek in 2015 gedownload via de website Netgalley
  • ik las het boek van 13 t/m 14 mei 2016 en dit was boek 83 van de boeken die ik in 2016 gelezen heb

Over het boek

“I have heard it told,” the old woman confided, “that there be those walking among us who ca do more than merely speak with the dead.”
Coming out of her distracted thoughts, Magda Searus frowned up at the woman leaning in close over her shoulder. The woman’s intent expression drew heavy creases across her broad, flat brow.
“What are you talking about, Tilly?”
The woman’s faded blue eyes turned to check the shadowed corners of the gloomy room. “Down in the lower reaches of the Keep, where those with exceptional talents go about their dark work, it is said that there be giften among them who can speak with souls beyond the veil of life, those souls now in the world of the dead.”
Magda placed her trembling fingers on the creases in her own brow. “Tilly, you should know better than to believe such gossip.”
Tilly’s gaze again lifted to search the somber room lit only by thin streamers of light coming in the sliths between the ill-fitting, warped shutters. (blz. 4)

Magda Searus is getrouwd met Baraccus. Hij was de belangrijkste tovenaar, First Wizard. Hij heeft onverwacht zelfmoord gepleegd door van de hoogste toren van het kasteel af te springen. Magda heeft het gevoel dat er iets niet klopt en gaat op onderzoek uit.

As if coming out of a fog, she realized, too, that there were things going on that didn’t make sense. There had to be more to everything that had happened than she was seeing. Why had Baraccus killed himself? What had been his purpose? Who was he protecting? For what had he traded his life?
She suddenly regretted thinking that she wanted to die, regretted being up on that wall. In fact, it now seemed to her as if she had somehow arrived at that spot in a dream.
As much as she hurt, she wanted to live.
But she was already moving too fast to stop, already flying out toward empty space. (blz. 57)

Magda neemt Tilly in vertrouwen. Als dienstmeid heeft zij contact met alle mensen die in het kasteel werken. Ze komt er achter dat er vreemde dingen gebeuren in het kasteel. Zal ze het raadsel rond de dood van haar man oplossen?

Mijn mening

Ik heb alle vorige delen van de serie Sword of truth met heel veel plezier gelezen. Ik vind de wereld waarin deze boeken zich afspelen fascinerend. Ik was dan ook erg blij dat ik in 2016 op de website van Netgalley zag dat er een nieuw boek was dat zich in deze wereld afspeelt. The first confessor speelt zich af voordat de serie Sword of truth begint en vertelt het verhaal van de eerste Confessor (biechtmoeder).

Ik vond het heerlijk om weer in deze wereld te verblijven en ik heb het boek in 2 dagen tijd uitgelezen. Dit verhaal heeft van alles verduidelijkt en meer informatie gegeven over de biechtmoeders. Als ik tijd had zou ik de hele serie nog wel een keer willen lezen.

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