Robin Hobb – Fool’s Quest (2017-73)

boekomslag Robin Hobb - Fool's quest

Years ago, they freed a dragon from the glaciers on Aslevjal. Then they parted, the Fool returning to far-off Clerres, while Fitz finally claimed a wife, a family, and a home of his own. Now, betrayed and broken, the Fool has made his way back to the Six Duchies. But as Fitz attempts to heal his old friend in Buckkeep Castle his young daughter Bee is abducted from Withywoods by mysterious raiders who leave ruin and confusion in their wake. Fitz must rescue his beloved Bee. At the same time the Fool is determined that Fitz travel with him to Clerres to wreak vengeance. Fitz must grimly take up his assassin’s tools once more, but will he also be forced to choose between saving his child and avenging his dearest friend?

Schrijver: Robin Hobb
Titel: Fool’s Quest
Serie: The Fitz and the Fool #2
Uitgeverij: HarperCollins (GB)
Jaartal: 2015
Bladzijden: 740
Genre: sprookjes & fantasy
Leeftijd: 18+
Mijn mening: 4 sterren

  • ik kocht dit e-boek in 2016
  • ik las het boek van 20 t/m 29 juli 2017 en dit was boek 73 van de boeken die ik in 2017 gelezen heb

Over het verhaal

I am warm and safe in the den, with my two brothers. They are both heartier and stranger than I am. Born last, I am smallest of all. My eyes were slow to open, and I have been the least adventurous of the cubs. Both of my brothers have dared, more than once, to follow my mother to the mouth of the den dug deep in the undercut bank of the river. Each time, she has snarled and snapped at them, driving them back. She leaves us alone when she goes out to hunt. There should be a wolf to watch over us, a younger member of the pack who remains with us. But my mother is all that is left of the pack, and so she must go out to hunt alone and we must stay where she leaves us.
there is a day when she shakes free of us, long before we have had enough of her mil. She leaves us, going to the hunt, departing the den as evening starts to creep across the land. We hear from her a single yelp. That is all.
My oldest brother, the largest of us, is filled with both fear and curiosity. He whines loudly, trying to call her back to us, but there is no response. He starts to go to the entrance of the den and my sister follows him, but in a moment they come scrabbling back to hunker down in fear beside me. There are strange smells right outside the den, bad smells, blood and creatures unknown to us. As we hide and whimper, the blood-smell grows stronger. We do the only thing we know to do. We hunch and huddle against the far back wall. (8 van 895)

Fitz droomt dat hij een jonge wolf is Hij voelt zich veilig bij zijn broertjes. Maar dit zijn niet zijn herinneringen. Het zijn de herinneringen van Nighteyes, zijn wolf-broer. In zijn geest kunnen ze samen zijn. Nighteyes is dood en Fitz mist hem. Als hij wakker wordt steekt hij de kaars aan.

I went back to the worktable and drew Chade’s scroll toward me. Within the first two lines, I felt the webs of Buckkeep intrigue tightening around me again. “As you are here, with little to do other than wait for his health to improve, perhaps you are willing to make yourself useful? Clothing has been provided, and the expectation has been planted that the court will be visited by Lord Felspar of Spiretop, a small but well-established holding in the far northwest corner of Buck. Lord Feldspar is as stony as his name, fond of drink, and there is a rumor that a copper mine on his holding has recently begun to produce very fine-grade ore. Thus he has come to Buckkeep to be a party to the current trade negotiations.”
There was more. I was never once adressed by name, the handwriting was not recognizably Chade’s, but, oh, the game clearly was. I finished reading the scroll and went to consider the outlandish dress that had been left for me. I sighed, I had some time yet before I would be expected to join them for an evening meal and conversation in the Great Hall. I knew my role. Talk little, listen a great deal, and report back to Chade all details as to who sought to make me an offer and how rich the offer was. I could not imagine what the greater game was. I knew that Chade would have decided what I needed to know and given me exactly that much. Weaving his webs as he ever did. (26)

Chade, zijn voormalige leermeester, vraagt Fitz om uit zijn isolement te komen en naar het kasteel te gaan. Chade heeft zijn hulp nodig. Fitz wil niet terug naar de politieke intriges en geheimen van het hof. Zal hij toch in gaan op het verzoek van Chade? Waar heeft Chade hem voor nodig?

Mijn mening

Het is jaren geleden dat ik ben begonnen ben aan de boeken van Robin Hobb. Vooral de verhalen over Fitz en de Fool zijn mooi, spannend en fascinerend om te lezen. Ondanks dat het dikke boeken zijn lees ik ze snel uit. Ik ben benieuwd hoe dit verhaal verder zal gaan.

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