boekomslag Joseph Andras - They won't dare to murder usA young revolutionary plants a bomb in a factory on the outskirts of Algiers during the Algerian War. The bomb is timed to explode after work hours, so no one will be hurt. But the authorities have been watching. He is caught, the bomb is defused, and he is tortured, tried in a day, condemned to death, and thrown into a cell to await the guillotine. A routine event, perhaps, in a brutal conflict that ended the lives of more than a million Muslim Algerians. But what if the militant is a pied-noir ? What if his lover was a member of the French Resistance? What happens to a European who chooses the side of anti-colonialism?

Schrijver: Joseph Andras
Titel:¬†They won’t dare to murder us
Uitgeverij: Verso Books (VS)
Jaartal: 2021
Bladzijden: 176
ISBN: 9781788738712
Genre: geen
Leeftijd: 18+

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  • ik heb dit boek in oktober 2020 gedownload via de website Netgalley