boekomslag Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston - Earth unawareWhen Ender Wiggin saved the human race by annihilating the alien Formics, he won a war that had begun a hundred years before. This is the story of how it started. Victor Delgado and his huge family are free miners aboard the asteroid mining ship El Cavador. They’re far out in the solar system, working the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto, weeks away from any other ship, months from the nearest weigh station. They live an isolated life, focused on work, and on keeping the ship alive. When his cousin comes to him with puzzling data from the ship’s Eye, the system that scans surrounding space to map threats and mining opportunities, he is glad to help her out. But what he sees in the data sends him and his cousin straight to the captain. There is something out there, something huge. Something that is moving at a significant fraction of the speed of light. Something that is heading straight for the solar system. El Cavador has all the evidence it needs to warn Earth. But getting the message back home is going to take months, even if nothing goes wrong. And something always goes wrong.

Schrijver: Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston
Titel: Earth unaware
Serie: First Formic War #1
Uitgeverij: Tor Books (VS)
Jaartal: 2013 (1e druk 2012)
Bladzijden: 450
Genre: science fiction & fantasy
Leeftijd: 18+

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We hebben dit boek in augustus 2013 gekocht.