Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara – Mozart

Wolfgang Mozart first started playing the keyboard at just three years old. Inspired by his sister’s talent, little Wolfgang soon mastered several instruments and was even writing his own musical compositions. As a young boy, he travelled from city to city with his father and sister, playing for Europe’s royal families and delighting them with his talents. When his father fell ill, and Wolfgang had to keep quiet in their home, he wrote a whole symphony from just hearing the instruments in his head! As he grew, Mozart pushed the boundaries of western music and created exciting masterpieces: from dances and masses to symphonies and operas. Wolfgang wrote over 600 pieces during his short life. Wolfgang became a world-renowned musician and composer, known for his prodigious talent and ability to write across a wide variety of styles. His music has become a key part of western music education, and continues to inspire young musicians to keep playing and practicing their instruments. Today, Wolfgang’s music still delights audiences across the world, from the smallest school hall to the biggest opera house.

Schrijver: Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Titel: Mozart
Serie: Little People, Big Dreams
Uitgeverij: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (GB)
Jaartal: 2023
Bladzijden: 32
Illustrator: Lia Visarin
Vertaler: onbekend
Genre: geen
Leeftijd: 6-9 jaar

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