C.S. Lewis – The lion, the witch and the wardrobe


boekomslag C.S. Lewis - The chronicles of NarniaWhen Lucy comes across the old wardrobe standing alone in the spare room, she thinks she has found a good place for hide and seek. But then she tumbles headlong into a magical world of fauns, dwarves and giants, of animals that talk and horses that fly – the land of Narnia. It is so extraordinary that at first her brothers and sister don’t believe it can be real. Soon, though, Peter, Edmund and Susan find Narnia too and the adventures really begin.Together they must battle against the evil White Witch to break her cruel grip on Narnia, a land she has cast in perpetual winter, without Christmas. Only one thing can hold fast against such wickedness: the mighty Aslan.

Schrijver: C.S. Lewis
Titel: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
Serie: The chronicles of Narnia 2
Uitgeverij: Penguin Books (GB)
Jaartal: 1965
Bladzijden: 172
Genre: geen
Leeftijd: 10+
Mijn mening: geen sterren

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  • Ik heb dit boek in 2009 gekregen
  • Ik las het boek in 2011 en het was boek 27 van de boeken die ik in 2011 gelezen heb
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